Go (Away), Sonics!

Initiative 91 backers help basketball team pack.

More good news today on the Sonics front: Citizens for More Important Things, longtime opponents of public subsidies for millionaire sports owners, announced it will submit another 3,700 signatures tomorrow in its drive to qualify Initiative 91 for November's ballot. I-91 would prohibit the city of Seattle from subsidizing the proposed $200 million makeover of Seattle Center's Key Arena for the Sonics. The initiative, which is citywide rather than statewide, needs 17,968 valid signatures in order to appear on the ballot.

After tomorrow's signature submission, Citizens says it will have turned in 23,886 signatures, providing a large cushion for invalid signatures. Citizens has been aided in its effort by the militant, energetic unionists of the Service Employees International Union, Local 775, which should mount a vigorous field campaign on behalf of I-91 in the fall. Hopefully Seattle voters will approve the measure overwhelmingly and put a stop to corporate welfare for professional sports.

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