A Memorable M's Day

Strike 12, you're all out!

Even if you're bummed about the Sonics plan to continue their losing streak in Oklahoma City, there will be rare sports moments to cherish, such as the night a Sonics basketball game was rained out (by an unstoppable roof leak in what is now KeyArena).

danny_meyer.jpgThe Mariners, conversely, are going nowhere, on and off the field. But on this day, July 21, in 1978, they, too, established a bit of unusual sports history: Danny Meyer (pictured), at bat in Cleveland, strikes out swinging. The Indians catcher drops the ball, giving Meyer a chance to take first base. He beats the throw, a great effort. Then, in traditional M's fashion, the next three Mariners go down on strikes. It's entered in the books as four M's strikeouts in a single inning.

To me, that even tops the day Phil Bradley and Gorman Thomas both got tagged out in the same play at home plate, a double play made by a catcher playing with a broken leg. But then, as long-ago baseballer Jim Wohford once said about baseball, "Ninety percent of the game is half-mental" anyway.

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