Best of Seattle 2016 Reader Poll

Best Podcast: Music That Matters

The people have spoken.

We all love music, but to the casual fan, keeping up with what’s new can be a hassle—and when you’re listening in the car, it can be hard to know who’s playing. These are the people Music That Matters was made for. Each week a different DJ from much-beloved nonprofit radio station KEXP puts together a playlist that largely features new music (though some old favorites find their way in the mix as well). What does KEXP ask in return for hours and hours of music? Not one red cent.

First runner-up: The Gay Uncle Podcast

Second runner-up: Hollow Earth Radio Podcast

Honorable mention: Radio LARP, Sub Pop Podcast

Read about the rest of the Best of Seattle Reader Poll winners here. If you didn’t get a chance to vote this go-round, make sure your voice is heard next year. Email us at and we will let you know when nominations open for BoS 2017.

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