Best of Seattle 2016 Reader Poll

Best Burger: Dick’s Drive-In

The people have spoken.

If you’ve ever been drunk in Seattle, you’ve likely ended up at Dick’s and dipped your fries in one of its delicious milkshakes. But let’s focus on the burgers here, especially the Dick’s Deluxe, two 1/8-lb. patties with melted cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickle relish, and years and years of Seattle history in each bite. Not only the city’s favorite burger joint, Dick’s is also one of the most charitable businesses in the local food scene, offering educational scholarships, childcare, and paid community service for its employees. Owner Dick Spady sadly died early in 2016, but his legacy lives on. Various locations,

First runner-up: Lil Woody’s

Second runner-up: 5 Guys

Honorable mention: Wayward Vegan Cafe, Plum Bistro

Read about the rest of the Best of Seattle Reader Poll winners here. If you didn’t get a chance to vote this go-round, make sure your voice is heard next year. Email us at and we will let you know when nominations open for BoS 2017.

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