Best Vocalist, Male

Tom Eddy

Tom Eddy has a voice so magical, one genre can't contain it. As a solo artist, Eddy, 22, performs bluesy folk tunes in a sweet and fluent croon, as heard on his delicate EP The Bread Maker's Blues—the sort of music you might expect to hear at Doe Bay Fest (which he is actually playing this summer). But as of this year, Eddy is also the sole vocalist for the electro-pop outfit Beat Connection, and his incredibly malleable voice shines on the band's debut album The Palace Garden, dipping and curving with the songs' shimmering instrumentals. He nails a vocal take like the rest of us take breaths. That effortless flexibility allows him to convey soul and anguish one moment, spark and vitality the next, and sound beautiful on both. ERIN K. THOMPSON

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