Best Thing to Do on the Sounder Other Than Check Facebook on Your Phone


At first people try to fight it. Making the daily trip to Seattle via the Sounder, most respectable commuters initially try to avoid sleeping. They mistakenly think nodding off in front of complete strangers, mouth agape and head lifelessly bobbing up and down with every bounce on the track, is embarrassing. Or will make them lame. Or something. How wrong these newbies are. After a few months they give in, and soon they realize there's absolutely no shame in it. Respected businessmen do it. Hardworking nine-to-fivers do it. Almost everyone does it. Or, that is, everyone who's not checking Facebook on their phone. It's pretty much the best way one could possibly spend a commuter-train trip through Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Sumner, and Puyallup. Go ahead, close your eyes. You're not missing anything. MATT DRISCOLL

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