Best Supervillain

Rex Velvet

Most villains don't have a sense of humor. Even the Joker, despite his name, preferred gasps to laughs. Rex Velvet, on the other hand, is on a mission to make madcap mockery of grown men in costume. The mustachioed rogue's preferred medium is YouTube, and his missives to Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superheroes are criminally funny. Whether cruising in a DeLorean, unleashing a horde of vicious housecats, or deriding Jones and his sidekicks as "a silly gang of misfit Power Rangers," hilarity is Velvet's weapon of choice. He may not be much for committing actual evil deeds, but as the one-eyed bad guy once remarked, "It takes a great man of distinguished character to cripple you psychologically." KEEGAN HAMILTON

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