Best Starbucks

Downtown Bremerton

Snobby Seattle coffee drinkers too often forget that for the majority of the country, the best cup of Joe in town is at the corner Starbucks. Proof is just a ferry ride away in Downtown Bremerton, where the local caffeine-pushers have yet to master the arts of brewing fresh, hot drip coffee during every business hour and accommodating their customers with things like Wi-Fi. (I was once asked to sign a release to gain access to the waves at one local shop; to borrow a line from Mitch Hedberg, "We do not need to bring ink and paper into this.") When it was announced that Starbucks was coming to downtown Bremerton, it was front-page news. To local coffee drinkers, it still is. CHRIS KORNELIS 900 N. Callow Ave., 360-792-9149

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