Best Sports Figure

Shawn Kemp

While it wasn't too long ago that Shawn Kemp was attempting an NBA comeback, he's no longer in playing shape. But the ex-Sonic does own a sleek lounge, Oskar's, in Lower Queen Anne, and he's got barstools to fill. Therefore, the Reign Man frequently pops up on the air and at public events promoting his happy-hour specials and calling for a new basketball arena to be built in SoDo. As a Sonic, the ultra-athletic Kemp revolutionized the power-forward position; watch a dunk reel on YouTube, and you'll swiftly realize that he's still among the most uniquely gifted ballers ever to play the game. Kemp's a sweet guy, a prolific patriarch, and a living reminder of the go-go '90s, when Seattle was awash in tech riches and KeyArena hosted the greatest show on wood. Without Shawn around, it'd be hard to envision happy days ever being here again. But because he's still here, we believe. MIKE SEELY

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