Best Sports Broadcast Personality

Kevin Calabro

True, Kevin Calabro doesn't do riffs like "Two in the cake, one in the puddin' " anymore. That was one of our faves when he did the Sonics broadcasts. Fortunately, he still does NBA and other sports play-by-play, but his network 'casts are toned down some for fans who might not appreciate Calabrospeak (although "million-dollar move, five-cent finish" would surely be understood by LeBron detractors). With co-host Jim Moore, Calabro's radio show on 710 ESPN Seattle is easygoing, informative, opinionated, and features lots of laughs—all a producer and listener can ask for. The six-time Washington Sportscaster of the Year has still got game after 21 seasons with the Supes and four decades of airtime (he began calling football games as a high-schooler in Indianapolis in the 1970s). In a dated entry, Wikipedia notes that "Calabro is known for using the phrase from the George Clinton song whenever a Sonic player makes an exciting play, 'Get on up for the down stroke!' " OK, but there was also "Flying chickens in the barnyard!" and, that one memorable time, "Shawn Kemp over the illustrated man [Dennis Rodman]! A Herculean royal flush by the Kemper on a setup by the Glove." Good. Golly. Miss. Molly. RICK ANDERSON

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