Best Sandwiches


The menu at Delicatus is divided into two categories: "Traditionalists" and "Progressives." It's unclear whether the Pioneer Square eatery intended to mirror Seattle itself, where traditionalists fight change kicking and screaming, and progressives would make bicycle commuting mandatory if they had their way, but the sandwich dichotomy definitely leaves something for everyone. Traditionalist favorites like the Reuben, chicken salad, and BLT come heaped with meat on breads from Essential Baking Company, while progressives feature clever names (i.e., "The Mudd Honey") and unique fillers like braised lamb shank, fancy aioli sauces, and pickled veggies—all sourced, of course, from local, sustainable suppliers. So while it normally takes Seattle several years of discussion and at least one public vote to decide on civic matters, lunch orders here, at least, can be settled in a matter of minutes. KEEGAN HAMILTON 103 First Ave. S., 623-3780,

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