Best Restaurant for a First Date


Sure, you could meet her at a Starbucks or grab an after-work drink at Duke's. But what's that say about you? It says you're: a) boring, b) cheap, and c) uninterested in the No-Pants Dance. So suggest meeting for the first time at Canlis' bar instead. This is an ingenious move: You're at the city's nicest restaurant, but in its bar, where there's live piano, expertly crafted drinks, and an appetizer menu (opt for the truffle fries) that won't plunge you into the red. At Canlis, you're required to dress up. You'll look good. You'll ooze class. If things go well (and unless you're a social retard, they'll be going well enough), you can discreetly snare a 9 p.m. dinner reservation on your way back from the bathroom, a maneuver which will almost certainly lead to a midnight reservation, party of two, in your bed. MIKE SEELY 2576 Aurora Ave. N., 283-3313,

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