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Dreamgirls at Rick's

Hunting down a one-night stand on a Saturday night has long been rumored to be the exclusive territory of men. What a crock: Sometimes a gal just wants to get fucked six ways (or for six hours) till Sunday, bid her slice of man-candy adieu with a fake phone number, and never see him again. So where the horny dudes at? Dreamgirls at Rick's. After weathering the Colacurcios' downfall, a purchase by the Déjà Vu chain, and a fiendishly hilarious fire which postponed its reopening, Lake City's favorite strip club is back. And while there's a chance the highest roller may coax Chastity Blue and her quadruple-D tits back to his lair at night's end, most Rick's patrons are going to be sitting around with raging hard-ons whose likeliest relief will come in the form of Vaseline and their own right hand. Your vagina (or mouth) could replace that hand, ladies. Get to Rick's, and get it on. MIKE SEELY 11332 Lake City Way N.E., 971-8916

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