Best Place to Eat With Grandpa

Wedgwood Broiler

There will probably come a day when Seattle's septuagenarians have adventurous, worldly palates, but that day is still at least a decade off. And until then, the Wedgwood Broiler will remain the place to take your granddad for a night out on his terms. In fairness to the Mayberry (Ever been to Wedgwood? The shoe fits) mainstay, it's been successful in drawing neighborhood youth to its classic lounge, which is invisible from the main dining area. But catering to retirees is a lucrative niche, and the Broiler fills it adroitly. Prime-rib nights, liver and onions, London Broil, hot rolls, Thousand Island, stiff Manhattans—folks with a few miles on their odometers appreciate the classics. Come to think of it, youngsters do too (except maybe for the liver and onions). MIKE SEELY 8230 35th Ave. N.E., 523-1115,

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