Best Pizza, Thick-Crust

Northlake Tavern

Seattleites have wasted way too much brainpower trying to classify the Northlake Tavern's pizza. It's not Chicago style, and it's certainly not New York or Neapolitan. Lifting a slice is akin to lifting a dumbbell, and if you choose to have at one with a fork, you'll probably need a knife to separate a bite from its core. The pizza is fresh, delicious, and mega-filling, and the friendly dine-in atmosphere is reminiscent of a Midwestern college-town sports bar. For a certain type of transplant, the Northlake feels like home, while at the same time being classically Seattle (the David Horsey–penned wall decor sure helps in that regard). MIKE SEELY 660 N.E. Northlake Way, 633-5317,

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