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The Roanoke

If you live in Mercer Island, your neighborhood bar is The Roanoke. The Roanoke is in fact the only true neighborhood bar on Mercer Island, and Mercer Island is no small neighborhood; it's an incorporated city. Befitting an affluent isle where if you rent you're viewed as poor, the Roanoke's white exterior resembles that of a country-club clubhouse (the croquet lawn supports this notion as well). Inside, however, it boasts no such pretentiousness, and reveals that one of Seattle's oldest, richest suburbs (at one point Mercer Island was known as East Seattle) is a veritable Robert Duvall to Medina's Adrien Brody. If you get the feeling that everybody knows your name, it's because it's true. MIKE SEELY 1825 72nd Ave. S.E., 232-0800,

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