Best Mall

Tacoma Mall

Look, there are a lot of great malls in the area. But the Cinnabons taste sweetest of all at the Tacoma Mall, assuming you can avoid being shot while there. OK, so people are rarely shot at the Tacoma Mall—it hasn't happened in, like, forever. But the Cinnabons really are divine, and—even more important—the Tacoma Mall offers the divine intervention that is the Tacoma Mall Pimp, a character even recognizes for his brightly colored suits and the tireless gospel he spreads to any mall rat interested in listening—typically right outside the Nordstrom, but sometimes even over by that weirdo samurai-sword store. Go ahead, Google the dude if you don't believe me. What other mall offers that? It's the stuff of legend, and it deserves to be recognized. MATT DRISCOLL 4502 S. Steele St., Tacoma, 253-475-4565,

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