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Rainier Valley Post

It was her passion for the neighborhood, Amber Campbell says, that pushed her to create and become editor of the Rainier Valley Post, a mostly volunteer-run community website, relying a great deal on contributions from residents. It also helps, Campbell says, that she "rarely travels north of I-90 and is one of the nosiest neighbors you'll ever meet." All of which helps bring the news down to a personal level on the Post's website, particularly after one of the drive-by shootings that plague the valley and result in eyewitness accounts from readers. It can also lead to scoops such as the Post's report on Mayor Mike McGinn's walkout at a valley Town Hall session. A television report quoted the mayor's spokesperson as saying "anarchists" were responsible for harassing the mayor while he was trying to speak, resulting in his sudden departure in mid-talk. But as the Post noted, one of those supposed anarchists told the mayor her concern was racial, not radical: "Because we're not white, you're not listening," she told him—although he wasn't listening. A Post commenter pointed out that one of the mayor's hecklers was in fact "a longtime community member who was involved in the original occupation of the very [African-American] museum this meeting was being held in—not some 'outside agitator anarchist.' " The Seattle Times later followed up on the story. RICK ANDERSON

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