Best Local Distillery

Sound Spirits

We're a sucker for the company logo—the tentacles of an octopus—but it's what's inside those elegant bottles that really counts, and Sound Spirits, the city's first distillery established post-Prohibition, delivers some smooth booze. The five stills in the snug shop crank out handcrafted batches of gin, vodka, the spice-driven Scandinavian staple aquavit, an old-fashioned gin called Old Tom, and an herbal liqueur called Vow of Silence. We're happy to shout out distiller Steven Stone for using Palouse malted barley, making his Ebb + Flow shine in the ever-crowded sea of vodka. It's top-shelf stuff in Seattle's best bars, but you should make a point of stopping by the tasting room to sip (tastings are free). LESLIE KELLY 1630 15th Ave. W., 651-5166,

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