Best Local Boy Gone Bad

Michael Mastro

Where, oh where can Michael Mastro be? The 87-year-old bankrupt Medina real-estate tycoon and his 62-year-old wife Linda are the nursing-home version of Bonnie and Clyde, on the lam since June 2011 when they failed to show for their latest court hearing. They were last seen en route to Canada—a few months after the old-timer had come out of a coma, no less. U.S. marshals aren't saying where the duo might be, but a good guess is Italy, where the globetrotters spent much of their time and millions over the years. Even after declaring bankruptcy with as much as $570 million in debt, the couple continued to vacation in Europe, New York, and Palm Springs, keeping up $8,000-a-month payments on a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley. (Mastro's lawyer said Mike was just trying to make his wife "happy in a difficult situation.") Though they've lost a fortune and owe unsecured creditors more than $275 million, the Mastros absconded with Linda's two diamond rings (27.8 and 15.93 carats), worth $1.5 million, which they'd been ordered to turn over to the court. They also could have stashed millions more in secret accounts prior to their getaway. "I was at a charity event recently," Mastro's attorney James Frush recently told The Seattle Times, "and I had people come up to me and swear they'd seen Mike and Linda in South America, or Europe, or Canada, or Sun Valley. It was ridiculous." So where are they really? Says Frush: "I tell people they're in the wine cellar at Canlis." RICK ANDERSON

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