Best Irish Pub

The Celtic Swell

Somewhere along the line, Irish pubs in the U District and downtown became the favored hangouts of rowdy frat types, but we like to think that if real Irish folk, like Joyce, Yeats, or Enya, visited Seattle, they'd prefer to take their Guinness and Bushmills at West Seattle's Irish-owned and -operated Celtic Swell. We're not saying the Swell doesn't get rambunctious (during a recent visit it was overflowing with slurring, plastic sword–waving, pub-crawling pirates; it also hosts regular trivia nights and live Irish music, and is generally packed to the gills on weekends), but its stunning view of Alki beach radiates peacefulness. Suit your quiet and wild sides: Get there early, grab a window seat, watch the sunset as you dine on homemade corned beef and cabbage or sweet sausage rolls followed by a brownie topped with Guinness ice cream (!)—then get your whiskey order in and let the debauchery begin. ERIN K. THOMPSON 2722 Alki Ave. S.W., 932-7935,

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