Best Ice-Cream Parlor

Full Tilt

It's about the experience, not just the ice cream. Not that Full Tilt 's is anything other than delicious—and adventurous, with a rotating variety of seasonal, all-natural, locally sourced flavors like the bright-purple Ube ("OOH-bay," a Filipino yam), Mexican chocolate, horchata, toasted coconut, sweet potato (with marshmallows and pecans), Thai tea, blackberry cinnamon, salty caramel, Memphis King (a tribute to Elvis, with peanut butter, banana, and chocolate-covered bacon), mango chile, and lemon lavender, with several vegan options as well. You can get vanilla, too, but this place is anything but. Full Tilt is much more than just a place to sit and have a cone (preferably a waffle cone—they make their own); it's a space to socialize, especially if you like to play pinball and/or vintage video games—or watch people who do—with a punk-rock, DIY aesthetic that's authentic and genuine, not ironic or forced. It's been four years since Justin Cline opened the first Full Tilt in White Center, and with the help of business partner Ken Anderson, there are now four locations—with Columbia City, the U District, and Ballard joining the mix. The clincher here is tall, not quite as cold, and comes in a pint glass. Unlike most ice-cream purveyors, Full Tilt has an alcohol license—and knows how to use it. Ice cream and beer is a very underrated combination. MICHAEL MAHONEY

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