Best Hot Dog

Dante's Inferno Dogs

We've all been there: that late night out in Capitol Hill's Pike/Pine corridor when, after hours of beer and liquor, we sheepishly wolf down a giant, greasy hot dog from a corner cart vendor, a dish colloquially known as "street meat." Hot dogs don't have to be shameful, though! Every Friday and Saturday night, Dante's Inferno Dogs serves sausages on Ballard Avenue that are much too nice and tasty to deserve such a derogatory tag. (Dante's also shows up at the U Village, Magnuson Park, and other locations during daylight hours.) The devilish cart's extras go beyond the standard ketchup and mustard—ask the cream-cheese-gun-wielding vendor to top off your dog with celery salt, sweet chili sauce, or banana peppers—and the juicy sausages come in slim, manageable sizes (and vegetarian options like Mexican chipotle and apple sage), so you don't have to feel like such a fatty for eating them. ERIN K. THOMPSON

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