Best Hip-Hop Artist


Picking the best hip-hop artist in Seattle is like choosing the best MC in Wu-Tang Clan: There are too many right decisions. THEESatisfaction's disharmonic rhythms and intellectually heavy lyrics bear the unmistakable influence of Ishmael Butler (Shabazz Palaces, Digable Planets, et al.), who raps on two tracks on the group's latest release awE naturalE. But the duo of Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White also has the vibe of Motown girl groups like the Velvettes, and they flow like Lauryn Hill in her prime. The town is in the midst of a hip-hop renaissance, and the fact that an act as uniquely talented as THEESatisfaction has national exposure and a Sub Pop record deal says a whole helluva lot about how far the local scene has come in recent years. Much like Wu-Tang, 206 hip-hop ain't nothin' to fuck with. KEEGAN HAMILTON

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