Best Gay Bar


Homosexuality has become such an accepted part of Seattle life that most straights are no longer wary of walking into a gay bar. (Can the Crescent even be classified as such anymore, for instance?) But Pony has a dirty little secret for gay bars wanting to keep their clientele as close to 100 percent gay as possible (the occasional fag hag notwithstanding): Keep things dirty. Flesh on the walls, flesh in the bathrooms, patrons doing fleshy stuff—it's like the '70s, minus the bleak mortality rate. Also: great party music. If a bar can be tastefully tacky, then Pony is that bar, and through sheer preventive decor, you'll never catch it having to issue formal bachelorette-party bans or shoo away canny breeders going undercover to pick up straight chicks. MIKE SEELY 1221 E. Madison St., 324-2854,

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