Best Garage Band


It's frequently noted that Posse—guitarists/vocalists Sacha Maxim and Paul Wittmann-Todd and drummer Jon Salzman—sound a hell of a lot like the '90s rock bands they love: Yo La Tengo, the Breeders, Sonic Youth, and the Pixies. It's not that these comparisons aren't apt—Posse songs feature heavy guitars, concise melodies, and muted vocals, and Wittmann-Todd can sound eerily like Frank Black—but focusing on those forebears draws attention from the band's own delightful energy and creativity. Posse puts on a tight, fun live show, and their self-titled debut, released in January, features clever, introspective, and modern songs ("Sarah" is about a woman in Maxim's Catholic church protesting against welcoming gay members) that spit attitude—signs of a band bent on doing its own thing, not imitating someone else. ERIN K. THOMPSON

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