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Those of you under 40 may not recall childhood Sunday afternoons spent playing Billionaire or Masterpiece sprawled on the family room's shag carpeting (or family rooms or shag carpeting, for that matter), but if you do, I'm happy to report the board game is not dead. In fact, it seems to be not only alive but more fecund than ever at Blue Highway Games at the top of Queen Anne Hill. It stocks, of course, all the old Parker Brothers classics—Clue, Sorry, Monopoly—plus several localized Monopoly variants, like "Ballardopoly" (eye-roll). But the trend these days seems to be bookshelf-style role-playing games, with themes covering all of recorded history, every world culture, and a good deal of the future. There's a shelf of Dungeons and Dragons paraphernalia, of course, but also one of Killer Bunnies. There are playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, a display case filled with gemlike dice, and colorful kites suspended from the ceiling. For the youngest gamers, Blue Highway has games based on their favorite books: Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry, Curious George. Best of all, a well-stocked game library in the back and spacious tables invite test-playing and killing a wet afternoon with a group of friends trying to figure out whodunit with the candlestick in the ballroom. GAVIN BORCHERT 2203 Queen Anne Ave N., 282-0540,

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