Best Gadfly

Ken Schram

What does it take to be a gadfly? To be kind and abrasive, thereby loved and hated. Which is how Ken Schram makes his living—and what keeps audiences tuning in to hear his plain-talking interviews and news commentary on KOMO radio and TV and watch him hand out his Schrammies, awards bestowed upon the city's most deserving schmuck-of-the-day. A recent recipient was city councilmember Richard Conlin for "jumping the shark and the gun" by concluding that developer Chris Hansen and investors should pay for the proposed new SoDo sports arena themselves, with no city contribution. Green River Community College president Eileen Ely also got a trophy for her creation of gender-neutral bathrooms, "adding another layer of stress and anxiety to college life" by "creating confusion over where to seek relief." Also deserving was Rick Brater, "a honcho" with the King County Department of Transportation, who backed a bridge for animals ("deer, cougars, and coyotes") across a busy road in Redmond at a cost of $6 million. Isn't there a cheaper way to prevent roadkill? Schram asked. Crossing guards, maybe? RICK ANDERSON

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