Best Festival Besides REVERB

Deck the Hall Ball

The preponderance of multiday (Sasquatch!) and multivenue (SW's REVERB Festival) affairs has redefined the modern music festival, but the one-day, single-stage Deck the Hall Ball continues to stack up as one of the year's best music events, period. Recent years have seen blistering sets from the Black Keys (2010) and Cage the Elephant (2011); the many faces of Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley in 2006, Broken Bells in 2010); and big receptions for chart-climbing radio bands like Foster the People (2011). Every year, the Ball acts as a snapshot of alternative rock. Not every band ages well (I saw Staind alongside Beck and 311 in 1999), but the shows rarely disappoint. CHRIS KORNELIS

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