Best Cover Band

"The Rolling Stones"

Last year, a few older, more mature Rolling Stones fans took to grumbling on an online message board about "The Rolling Stones," the cover band comprising ex-Blood Brother vocalist Jordan Blilie and his "rawest dogs," including members of Whalebones, Flexions, and Truckasauras. The Mick-and-Keith disciples couldn't believe that a cover band could be so bold as to christen itself with a name so close to the original, and made fun of their "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" sailor costumes. But while the old folks were bitching and moaning, the rest of us were too busy trying to get into the band's rare live shows, which more often than not pack rooms and sell out. There's a good reason for that level of enthusiasm: Each "Stone" is a great musician, and the vitality of their performances brings the sexy back to a half-century-old band. Like any good legend, "The Rolling Stones" are elusive—they don't record, and their members are now scattered up and down the West Coast, making their shows even more infrequent. Catch them while you can, if you can. ERIN K. THOMPSON

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