Best Cocktail Name

The Tyttebar

The Copper Gate is an unassuming, if unusual, shrine to the female form. It hosts burlesque shows, the walls are checkered with old-timey topless pictures, the bathrooms are decorated with tasteful erotica, and there's a large plaster structure shaped like an anatomically correct vagina that leads, through velvet curtains of course, to a back room. Also, the bar looks like a scaled-down replica of a Viking ship. The old Ballard establishment loves all things Scandinavian and all things boobs, so it's fitting they serve a cocktail called The Tyttebar, a blend of lingonberry—in Norwegian, tyttebær—soda, and sparkling wine. It comes all fizzy and crimson in a champagne flute, and is nearly impossible to order without cracking a smile. The Copper Gate is no strip club, but it definitely serves the best Tyttebar in town. KEEGAN HAMILTON 6301 24th Ave. N.W., 706-3292,

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