Best Citizen

Chris Hansen

Technically, Chris Hansen is not a citizen of Seattle. Dude lives in San Francisco, where he manages a gazillion-dollar hedge fund and presumably spends his evenings washing down caviar with champagne and lighting cigars with Ben Franklins. But Hansen, the son of humble social workers, was raised in Seattle and grew up rooting for the Sonics. He was as outraged as anybody when David Stern, Howard Schultz, and two scoundrels from Oklahoma conspired to rob the city of its only championship team besides the Storm. Now Hansen wants to invest his fortune repatriating the Sonics and building a brand-new arena to house them. He's even willing to put up with the endless hemming, hawing, and handwringing of Seattle politics to make it happen. Lots of locals say they want to bring back the Sonics; Hansen put (a lot) of his money where his mouth is. KEEGAN HAMILTON

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