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Emerald Queen Casino

When Eddie Money comes to town, where does he play? When Rick Springfield drags those sad eyes of his to the Northwest, where does he plug in? When my aunt Jeanie wants to suck down a pack and a half of Marlboro menthol 100s and blow a Social Security paycheck playing that Blues Brothers slot machine she loves so much, where does she head? The answer, my friends, is the Emerald Queen Casino. Sure, as Northwest gaming has grown and proliferated, there may be fancier casinos, bigger casinos, grander casinos, casinos where my aunt Jeanie doesn't go—but the EQC (with locations in Tacoma and Fife) has heart. (And Blue Öyster Cult—coming soon!) MATT DRISCOLL 5700 Pacific Highway E., Fife, 253-922-2000,

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