Best Cartoonist

David Horsey

David Horsey's got it so good it's almost wretched excess to honor him further. But, in the broadest sense of the term "artist," the two-time Pulitzer-winning newspaper cartoonist is Seattle's, and one of the nation's, best illustrators of politics and life through his drawings and commentary in the Los Angeles Times. Operating from his home base in Seattle, he riles and delights Times readers with his liberal political views and pro-Obama 'toons, reserving a dark place in his heart for the religious right and corporate bankers. Since leaving the P-I in December after 32 years, Horsey, now 60, feels reinvigorated by his new combo cartoon/commentary Times column called "Top of the Ticket." "I'm excited," he says. "It's a good feeling to have again." Good for political junkies, too. RICK ANDERSON

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