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Peter and Jon Mansen

If there's something of an offbeat vibe to Fremont's Lighthouse Roasters (and there is), part of that must be attributed to the presence of brother baristas Peter and Jon Mansen. Peter, the elder, started working at Lighthouse eight years ago; he slings espresso while his rock-star wife Jessica Dobson tours the world as the Shins' guitarist. (He plays drums for Dobson's band Deep Sea Diver.) Jon, the younger, started five years ago; he's almost 7 feet tall and sometimes wears a red cardigan with cat patches for pockets. They rarely work the same shift, possibly because they've been known to throw croissants at each other, but they're both artful connoisseurs of what they like to call the Dick Latte: a delicious coffee topped with a phallic-shaped foam. An elderly woman once called to complain after Peter made her one at a coffee shop in Los Angeles, but Jon one-ups that—he once served the Dick Latte to a delighted Ryan Gosling. And if it's good enough for Ryan Gosling, it's good enough for you. ERIN K. THOMPSON 400 N. 43rd St., 633-4444,

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