Best Bagels

The Bagel Deli

Perhaps the only thing bagels and barbecue have in common is that top-notch versions of both are rare in Seattle. But just as savvy 'cue aficionados know to visit Kau Kau in the International District or Bitterroot in Ballard to get their fill of smoked and/or roasted meats, bagel connoisseurs flock by the dozen (and for the dozen) to The Bagel Deli. The basement shop on Capitol Hill has been boiling the finest koshers our fair city has to offer for three decades and counting. It offers a variety of bagel-bookended sandwiches, but the only essential topping for these doughy halos is an ample slathering of housemade cream cheese. Pro tip: Visit during the last half-hour of business and get half-price on orders of six or more. KEEGAN HAMILTON 340 15th Ave. E., 322-2471,

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