Best Antiques Store


Mad Men debuted in 2007, suddenly making mid-century modernism a white-hot trend in the furniture and design market. But savvy Seattle shoppers have been going to Chartreuse since long before that. Whether you're furnishing a new SLU rental or a West Seattle split-level, the appropriately clean lines of Eames and Wegner can be found here for considerably fewer bucks than new. The scuffs, scratches, and coffee rings add character! Besides, a little wood refinishing can be a character-building experience (just remember: plenty of ventilation). Long after Don Draper is retired and off the air, his chaises longues and end tables will still look swell in your home—even if (gasp!) you've moved to Bellevue by then. BRIAN MILLER 2609 First Ave., 328-4844,

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