Best Addition to South Lake Union

Museum of History and Industry

Feel free to wave a bright-orange hanky in the direction of the now-departed Hooters, and see it as a sign that South Lake Union—SLUT jokes and all—is growing up. There's no more appropriate symbol of the new SLU than the impending arrival (December 29, to be exact) of the Museum of History and Industry, relocated after 60 years in Montlake, where it was driven out by the 520 bridge expansion. Our city's most underrated museum, MOHAI does more to tell you about the real Seattle—not just the businessmen and innovators, but the working men and women who helped give our city its unique identity and built the foundation for our modern prosperity. The new MOHAI, open, spacious, and filled with light, will be located in the renovated Naval Reserve Building in Lake Union Park, a WPA-built Art Deco/Moderne landmark completed 70 years ago. At 50,000 square feet, nearly 10,000 more than MOHAI's previous home, there's a lot more room for a selection from a diverse collection of nearly four million artifacts, archived items, and photographs dating back to the late 19th century. A four-story grand atrium will display old favorites like the 1919 Boeing B-1 flying boat, the Slo-Mo-Shun IV unlimited hydroplane which won the 1950 Gold Cup, Lincoln Towing's iconic pink Toe Truck—and someday the P-I globe. MICHAEL MAHONEY

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