Best Wine Store

Grocery Outlet

Avert your eyes, oenophiles: The best wine store in Seattle isn't one store, it's a chain, and one that doesn't specialize in wine. In fact, if you were to claim that the six Seattle-area Grocery Outlets specialized in anything, it'd probably be dented boxes of Triscuits. But don't let any snobbish tendencies blind you from the truth: Grocery Outlet not only has cheap wine, it has good cheap wine. Sure, you won't find any retail sommeliers roaming the aisles, as you might at Esquin (2700 Fourth Ave. S.; also great, but for different reasons), so you're on your own deciding what zinfandel pairs best with that chicken breast you've got marinating at home. On the other hand, with most bottles coming in at less than the cost of a single glass at a restaurant, who cares which one is best? Grab two! CALEB HANNAN Multiple locations,

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