Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Tamarind Tree

When Tam Nguyen first brought Tamarind Tree to the heart of Seattle's Little Saigon, it turned the city's Vietnamese dining scene on its head. Here was what looked like a Manhattan cocktail lounge, with gourmet fare that broke new ground and invigorated old taste buds, and yet the menu—at $10 to $25 a plate—meant it was affordable enough for the Little League team after the big game. Today, Tamarind Tree has lost none of its charm and added plenty of new creations. Dishes like the fresh lotus-root salad with prawns and the steamy and spicy chili beef lemongrass, paired with a cocktail like the roasted-chili martini, make for an ace dinner. And for lunch, there's no fresher and more aromatic bowl of pho to be found. CURTIS CARTIER 1036 S. Jackson St., Suite A, 860-1404,

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