Best TV Weathercaster

Jeff Renner

Why Jeff Renner? Why not? KIRO's Rebecca Stevenson has the looks, KOMO's Steve Pool has the charisma, and KING's Renner has, well, a pretty good notion of the weather. They're all meteorologists and they all know rain when they see it coming–which is always; they get their forecasting data from much the same charts, maps, and Dopplers. Renner, though, has a bachelor's degree in atmospheric sciences and a pilot's license. Cloudy skies are his life. He's also avuncular and good-humored, which Seattle historically likes in its weather people, dating back to KING's Cartooning Weatherman Bob Hale. It doesn't hurt that a UW study rated Renner as the city's most accurate TV weather forecaster. Alas, if only he could do something about our nine-month rain festival. RICK ANDERSON

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