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What Greenwood's Top Ten Toys offers: Jumbo cardboard bricks (hey, I played with those in kindergarten!). Alphabet blocks in Chinese, Arabic, and Braille. A lifetime supply of art supplies. Lots of books, from Harold and the Purple Crayon to Ursula K. LeGuin—specifically, lots of language books, including First Thousand Words in Latin and My First English/Norwegian Dictionary of Sentences. A wall of Playmobil kits, another of stuffed animals, of jigsaw puzzles, and of board games. Grapefruit-sized superballs.Workshops that include "Dollar-Bill Origami" and "Owl Pellet Dissection."Among other musical instruments, a very loud drum that must be whanged on by every child who passes. And one harried mom saying "Jasper, we have to go. We're going to be late for the party. Do you think Oliver would like this?" What Top Ten Toys does not offer: Oppressive amounts of Legos, Barbies, toy weapons, or video games—aka substitutes for a kid's own imagination. Man, I wish I were 8 again. GAVIN BORCHERT 104 N. 85th St. 782-0098,

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