Best Thai Restaurant

Noodle Boat

Is it worth traveling all the way to Issaquah to experience "Seattle's" best Thai restaurant? Well, consider that members of the family-run Noodle Boat go all the way to Thailand each year to research new dishes and make chile paste to ship back to Seattle. The restaurant doesn't dumb down its spice levels, and ingredients are fresh, as evidenced in its popular starter, mieng kum. The menu is full of similarly intriguing and delicious items, from "Queen of Banana" (with banana blossoms) to "Dragon's Antenna" (with bean-thread noodles). Now, if only Noodle Boat would offer boat noodles, which are impossible to find in Seattle. JAY FRIEDMAN 700 N.W. Gilman Blvd, Suite E104b, Issaquah, 425-391-8096,

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