Best Taco Truck

El Camion

The El Camion in the Home Depot parking lot on Aurora is perhaps the only place in Seattle where immigrant day laborers dine alongside white-collar office workers, which is amazing considering how much both groups of workers appreciate a cheap, efficient, and satisfying lunch. While there are plenty of other solid options on the menu, tacos are what keep the customers coming back. The double-stacked tortilla variety sell for a mere $1.45 each and come piled with meat and topped with a mild pico de gallo of diced tomatoes, onions, lime juice, and cilantro. There are 10 carnes from which to choose, the finest being the adobada, or spicy marinated pork. Thick, tender hunks of swine seep neon-orange juice that shimmers with rendered fat. The extra tortilla comes in handy for sopping up the excess liquid, a process that's quite a bit easier for those who aren't worried about staining a tie or dress shirt. KEEGAN HAMILTON 11728 Aurora Ave. N., 367-2777,

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