Best Sushi Restaurant

Shiro's Sushi

It seems that nowadays, the title "sushi chef" is bestowed upon anybody who can cobble together a California Roll at the QFC sushi bar. Thus, "sushi rock star" better describes Shiro Kashiba, the mastermind behind Shiro's Sushi Restaurant in Belltown. Profiled at length in The New York Times and USA Today, the Kyoto-born, Tokyo-trained chef has, since the moment he turned 18, dedicated his entire life to honing his craft. Every morning, he hits the markets and buys only the freshest, highest-quality fish, and measures the levels of salt and vinegar in his sushi rice. Kashiba's meticulous attention to detail ensures that every plate he creates is presented artfully and never contains a trace of that dreadful "fishy" taste. To watch him at work is an integral part of the dining experience, but you must be there as soon as the doors open to secure a seat at his bar—because like most rock stars, Shiro's got groupies. ERIKA HOBART 2401 Second Ave., 443-9844,

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