Best Strip Joint


With up to several dozen dancers at a time ready to strip naked, it usually doesn't take long to fill the 200 seats at Roger Forbes' newest Seattle nudie club, DreamGirls—especially on a Mariners game day. The strip club, part of Forbes' Déjà Vu chain, is approximately 430 feet from Safeco Field's home plate, although you don't necessarily have to be a ball fan to be lured by the pulsing music. Inside, there's a hubbub of flashing lights and an elegant decor that includes soft-backed chairs. Scattered around are $20 private lap-dance rooms, five lounging areas, and a soda-pop bar. Is illegal sex for sale? Well, you might remember that when the feds closed the late Frank Colacurcio's strip-club empire for prostitution, they also tried to make a case against Forbes' clubs. Eventually they gave up. They got tired of the Déjà Vu dancers telling them that if they wanted sex, go to Frank's place. RICK ANDERSON 1530 First Ave S., 257-1000,

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