Best Smoothie

Juicy Cafe

In the world of smoothies, Juicy Café reigns supreme. The cafe, on the second floor of the Washington State Convention Center, has a smorgasbord of fruit and veggie elixirs to choose from. Traditionalists can order Kaila's Sizzle (berries + banana + apple + mango + protein), while the more adventurous can indulge in Cure My Hangover Now (carrot + apple + ginger + orange + lemon + lime + parsley + garlic + spinach + beet + celery). There's even a build-your-own smoothie to unlock one's perfect combination, and if you are looking to consume a bit of bee pollen or psyllium husk while you're at it, Juicy Café has that too. KRISTY HAMILTON 725 Pike St, 682-6960,

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