Best Seahawk

Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks have plenty of question marks—starting quarterback, anyone?—but few satisfactory answers. Even the team's projected starting running back, who we are naming its best player, is no sure thing. He has yet to put together a season that would make Maurice Morris proud, let alone Shaun Alexander. But that run? You know, the 67-yarder where he eluded seven would-be Saints tacklers like he'd put on Harry Potter's Crisco-slathered cloak of invisibility—except we could see him!—to score the fourth-quarter touchdown that secured the Seahawks' improbable home playoff win against the defending Super Bowl champions? Decades from now, when you've forgotten which Hasselbeck helmed the middling Seahawks teams of the aughts, you'll remember that run. Hell, you might even remember it was Marshawn Lynch who made it. JONATHAN KAMINSKY

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