Best Salad

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston reportedly ate the same salad for lunch every day for 10 years while filming Friends. It sounds boring, but it's surely plausible if it tasted anything like the Purple Chopped Salad at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. Granted, the restaurant is recognized more for its impressive wine selection than its food, but its chopped salad is a divine meal in its own right, including finely diced romaine hearts, red onions, and roasted red bell peppers, plus garbanzo beans for nutty flavor and texture. A generous blend of fatty substances like avocado, bacon, and blue cheese makes it savory, and a well-balanced balsamic vinaigrette adds zest. Paired with a glass of wine, it's to die for. Will it give you Aniston's toned arms? Probably not, but it won't push you further away from them either. ERIKA HOBART Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, 1225 Fourth Ave., 829-2280,

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