Best Poster for a Concert

Wes Winship of Burlesque Design

When Seattle heard Arcade Fire was coming to town, excitement erupted. Then, when it was announced that they would play at KeyArena, Seattle quickly retracted its fist-pumps and complained that the venue was, well, just simply "too mainstream" (little did anyone know the band would later win the "Best Album of the Year" Grammy). However, one thing did bring some sort of artful, intimate quality to the performance last September: a limited-edition silkscreen print on heavy stock sold that night designed by Wes Winship of Burlesque Design, each print boasting its own messy number and artist signature. The design was inspired by the line "Businessmen drink my blood. Like the kids in art school said they would" in "Ready to Start." Fans would later hang the poster above their bed and nearly forget that they'd shared the "Arcade Fire experience" with thousands upon thousands of other sweaty fans. That night was just for them. COLIN GORENSTEIN

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